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Casa U Fornu - Apartment n°3

4 Chambres

This apartment has four bedrooms, two each have a private shower room, two have a common one. A first is immediately the entrance door crossed, on the right. This is one of the rooms equipped with Italian shower and washbasin. We then discover the main room or living room, with a very significant area, corner sofa, coffee table, and the kitchen area, meeting the same criteria as for the other apartments.

Again, a staircase leads to the sleeping area at the top, with three bedrooms, two have a large shared shower room, finally the bedroom located at the end of the corridor has its private shower room.
All the rooms are air-conditioned.
Voluminous cupboards complete the equipment of this accommodation.

A table is available to the occupants of the apartment, in the garden with a number of chairs allowing, if the desire arises, to have the evening meal outside .

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4 Chambres double


4 Chambres


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